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Metabolic simulator manufactured by relitech in the Netherlands

This device is designed for quality control of breath gas analyzers.

relitech MetabolicSimulater
relitech社製metabolicsimulater .jpg

About Metabolic Simulator

There are many respiratory products in use around the world today, including spirometry and ergo-spirometry, but these devices need to be validated to ensure they are working properly.

Today, quality control of many products is achieved by calibrating each sensor (O2, CO2, flow rate) individually.

We guarantee the numbers for that product, but they do not include significant dynamic interactions between sensors.

That is why the Dutch company Relitech has developed a new metabolic simulator for customers in the field of breath gas analyzers.

This state-of-the-art metabolic simulator is easy to use and accurate.

metabolicSimulator relitech レリテック メタボリックシミュレーター
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